Man has the best beard in the world

By Michael Monday/The Star-Ledger

December 20, 2013, 3:48PM

Meet Jeff Langum of Voorhees, N.J., the 2013 World Champion, full beard natural. It's the holy grail of the bearding world and a title he traveled all the way to Germany to earn. Since his victory last month, life has changed drastically for Langum. He's signing autographs, earning sponsorships and working on booking acting gigs. Not bad for a guy who simply stopped shaving.

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N.J. man's massive beard faces global competition

Written by Steve Wood
(The Daily Record)

5:38 PM, Nov. 1, 2013
Between every home meal and outing, Jeff Langum's facial hair gets a once-over. He stands by the kitchen table as his wife combs through more than 17 inches of beard, often finding particles of food unrelated to his most recent feast. "It happens," Oana Langum admits. "We usually do a check after he eats where we look through it, fluff it out, and stuff falls."

N.J. man wins world beard championship

By Jeff Goldman/The Star-Ledger

November 06, 2013 at 7:44 AM

A 39-year-old Voorhees man won a title at the World Beard and Moustache Championship over the weekend, according to a report on WUSA9.com. Jeff Langum, a married father of two teenage sons employed as a web designer, sports a beard that measures 17 inches from his lower lip to the end of the last hair. He last shaved 25 months ago before attending a wedding. After collecting $1,000 at the national competition in September in New Orleans, Langum claimed a world title in the "full natural" category Saturday in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany, WUSA9.com reported. His auburn beard is shaped like a "scraggly rising sun," the report said. While Langum has no trouble accumulating facial hair, he said neither his father nor grandfather could grow a beard. Even with a pair of titles in his pocket, Langum said he won't shave. He told PhillyMag.com that he's lining up sponsorship deals and modeling jobs.

Voorhees man's beard in global competition

Written by Steve Wood (Courier-Post)

Voorhees beard champ eyes world title: Voorhees resident Jeff Langum will put his full natural beard up against the world's best at Saturday's World Beard & Moustache Championships in Germany. Langum won best overall beard at the National Beard and Moustache Championships in September.

N.J. beard champ enters world competition

Jeff Langum put his full natural beard up against the world's best at Saturday's World Beard & Moustache Championships in Germany. Langum won best overall beard at the National Beard and Moustache Championships in September.

The beard seen ‘round the world

By Robert Linnehan (The njwire.com)

Nov. 19, 2013

All hail the man, the myth and the legend of Jeff Langum. The Voorhees Township resident is the proud own­er of the greatest beard in the world. No, really, it’s an of­fi­cial title. Langum won the 2013 World Beard and Mustache Championships in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany, for the tremendous 20-inch beard that he’s been growing for the past three years. He won the grand­daddy category of the championships, the Full Beard Natural Category, defeating all other would be beard competitors who cowered be­fore his whiskered ferocity. Abraham Lincoln him­self would have been proud of the competition (and that the champion is now from Amer­ic­an soil). “Whenever people see me, yeah, it’s what they notice first. People will come up to me in the supermarket or something and they’ll just ask me about my beard. It’s really great, I’ve met a lot of great people and made some great friends because of my beard,” he said. “Of course, there are some people that will see me walking toward them and immediately cross the street.” As the old say­ing goes, “from the smal­lest acorn grows the mightiest oak.” Three years ago Langum had a simple, neat and tidy goatee. It all changed when he turned on the IFC network and saw the reality show “Whisker Wars.” The reality show introduced him to the intriguing world of competitive facial hair and beard growing competitions. “I watched the show be­fore I had any idea there was such a thing as beard competitions. I got curi­ous to see what would hap­pen if I grew out my beard, and, from that point on, I stopped shaving,” he said. “Shortly after, I did a search on local beard clubs and came across the Philadelphia Beard and Mustache Club. They hold meetings every third Sunday of the month at Tat­tooed Moms, the bar on South Street. I went to the next meeting, got involved with those guys, and they filled me in on the competitions.” He was hooked. In fact, even his wife, who he said “loves my beard,” was hooked. She came with him to a competition in Asbury Park, N.J., and loved the camaraderie between the competitors and those in the beard club. The club is fantastic, he said, and the meet­ings are typically 90 percent drinking centered around a five to 10 minute update on upcoming competitions and fundraisers for the members to participate. The last time he shaved, he re­called, was two years and one month ago when he trimmed the sides of his beard for his wife’s friend’s wedding. He even remembers the exact day: Sept. 23, 2011. Since then, he hasn’t once taken a blade or electric razor to his whiskers, instead choosing to simply clean the beard with a natural beard shampoo and conditioner made by Blue Beards Original, a company based in Exton, Pa. Langum was signed as the spokes­man for Blue Beards Original after he won the na­tion­al beard competition in New Orleans. After that, he realized his facial hair could serve as his full-time career. “I was doing web and graphic design, which I’m still do­ing part time, but now I’m getting so many requests I’ve hired a manager and she’s got me booked on some reality shows and talk shows coming up,” he said. “I’m trying to take advantage of my interesting look. The producer from the television show, ‘Impractical Jokers,’ is trying to do a spin-off pilot of ‘Whisker Wars’ and they just asked me to host the show. I’ll be doing that next.” But what’s next for Langum? He’ll be the host of several national competitions coming up, he said, and hopefully some of the reality television shows will pan out and his acting career will take off. Shaving, obviously, will not be in his future. Visit Jeff’s web­site at www.jef­flangum.com or follow him on Twitter @jlangum for more information.